Friday, May 18, 2007

New, New, New & More New

Hey Dudes and Dudettes,

We've been quite busy over here at TJVHQ. In case you didn't notice we've thrown up TWO new songs on different places on the web. So Check it:

"I Went Blind" available at
"The SKY!" available at

We really hope that everyone can help us get the word out that these new songs are up. It has been a few years since we have released a new CD and we're so amped on how it turned out. I really think all of you will be as well.

Did you see our new myspace layout? Pretty sharp, right? Big thanks to DENNIS & DOUBLEJ over at Victory for hooking that up. Looks like a million bucks to me.

Let us know what any of you think of the new songs. We really care about and value all of your opinions so ch-ch-check it out!

Expect plenty of updates on this journal because now I have just as of today switched it from our Studio Journal over to our Regular Blog.

Anyone got any cool name ideas that we could go with for this blog?

-Nicholas Adam