Monday, June 11, 2007

We're going to the beach today....

Hey guys,

We're on tour with Thunderbirds Are Now! and Street to Nowhere right now. Having a really great time with both bands - some class act dudes for sure.

We will be heading to the beach shortly out here in CALI.

We cannot wait for you all to hear the new record - June 19th is such an exciting date for all of us.

Surfs up dudes,


victoria said...

Hey Guys. Im sure that you don't remeber me but, I used to come and see you guys in Quincy IL. I moved away but I ran that same first CD into the ground, I listened to it until it finally just wouldn't play anymore. Later on I came across the second CD in a Best Buy here in Atlanta. I was so... like wow!! You guys are doing so great. (Hey, Andy, maybe you would remember me, me and a couple other girls locked you in the bathroom at the green room? anyway thats neither here nor there!)I am so proud of you guys!! You really kick ass. Maybe someday you guys can come to Atlanta GA until then, enjoy the beach!!

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say,
that you guys rock !
& a friend and i were discussing your music, because we started listening to your old stuff, so we were wondering if you playing , and if so, here ! in halifax nova scotia.
& we definitly plan on buying the new cd in four days!
haha well,
just wanted to say how much you guys rock.

Anonymous said...

can't wait til you come to newton!

Anonymous said...

amazing... amazing... amazing..

that is what your new CD is... you guys sound so proffesional.. and AMAAZING!
you guys should be dang proud..
St.Louis.. is the best song EVER
you guys are serisoulsy amazing...
and there isnt a band in the world that comes even close to how amazing you guys are...

Anonymous said...

Hey i got u guys cd and uh..
i know u here this alot but its fucking out of this world
obsessed with the song the sky
keep playing it over and over >.< lol hope u guys come to new york times square the big apple!
i would love to see u guys play
it would be my first concert ever lol


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