Thursday, March 15, 2007

(Asa's real first post!)

Hello friends... Asa here. Boredom is eating me alive here at the studio. Since Chris and I have been done with our instrument tracks for a while, we've devoted our time to beating the co op campaign in Halo 2 on normal difficulty. Chris and Sergio already beat Halo 1.

I've been sleeping till like 4 pm for the past few days. My back hurts.

Sergio and Andy are tearin guitars up currently.

When we recorded Wide Eyed, we would do all of one guitar tone separately, for every song. And put the song together piece by piece. This time around we're doing all of one song on guitars a day. Even 2 sometimes. So it's really fun to have a finished product at the end of the day. Instead of like a frankensteined-out version of a song. Ok so anyway.

This did alright on curing the boredom. I'll have to post more soon. PEACE!!!!!


Andriole23 said...

ASA! Glad you guys are back in the studio, cannot wait for the new CD, and def. can't wait for you guys to come back to RI!!!! Hopefully that will be SOON!!! Hope you're doing well, and having great times in NY!!!!


(Rotella's sister)

kara said...

yeahh to bad your phone is gay :-O

Isabella! said...

hey there buddies! lolz @ Sergio's picture hahaha its cute <3 anywho just waitin 4 the summer so you guys can cum back to WI and we can party in sum tiny little venue that fits about 200 pple

ashley said...

Hey there boys... glad to hear you are workin hard. lol im amazed you can sleep till 4..... i wish i was capable of that.. ne way. have fun i cant wait to hear the cd and i really really really want u guys to come back to illinois because u guys are from here and then i can go see you!!!!!!!1

Love much


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