Thursday, March 22, 2007

day off today

Its 2 o'clock in the pm and it seems that i'm the only one awake, other than birch who just walked in the door. typical i guess; i'm sure asa will get up within the next few hours. i'm watching a show on the history channel about tattoos. i need to get a new tattoo soon. my significant other just got one, so i guess it is contagious.

today we have a day off, so i hope to make it out to new york city today. we are only like 30 minutes away, we have just been busy so we haven't been able to make it over there. i get done tracking guitars soon (i think i only have one song left to record) so hopefully i will be able to go to the city a lot more.

until next time,



Anonymous said...

get a eagle on your chest.

Davey Corn-Pockets said...

get my name on your arse.

Anonymous said...

yall are amazing. ha leave something in one of your blogs bout me. the name is matt from g-town

davey corn-pockets said...

matt from g-town sounds like a tool.