Monday, March 19, 2007

hello. So here I sit all broken hearted. I'm having some tea right now. Some real tea this time. It's actually peppermint flavored. It kinda reminds me of Rumple Minze. I can't tell if that's a good or bad thing. If I was getting $#!* faced right now I'd probably be really down with it.

I actually got up before 5 pm today. 2 pm to be exact so that's been a PR for me over the last few days.

I've been working on a mustache. I shaved it on down to a pencil stache (lookin real good). Now it's all kinda evening out (lookin even better, trust me). Once it gets a little more rockin I'll post a picture. It'll blow your mind.

So I'm just killing a little time before I've gotta start singing. The first song going on the record has vocals finished. I'm very excited about it. And then I've also got the skeleton track for The Sky done. I'm gonna finish up harmonies on that today and start a new one. I love tracking vocals with Mike. We're not using auto tune this time around and I'm fucking stoked about it. Been a good time so far. I can't wait to finish more. Anyway.

I'm gonna go eat some potato chips for lunch and just try to keep it real. I'll post aging with some fun pictures hopefully.




Jeska said...

Asa, come back to Vegas. I'll mend that broken heart of yours :]

Anonymous said...

cooL it's Asa dawson!!! so fReakiN cooL!!^^

Anonymous said...

i bet your stache isnt as good as the ones your old merch guy could grow

shmoo said...

asa dont be upset you know i love you boo lol...

Elena said...


come chilll in philly

Meg said...

Hey Asa. I just wanted to stop by and take a gander at the blogs. It looks like you guys are doing well! I'm glad things are workin out. Ya'll be safe now!

Heidi said...

You would. You are so random

Nick Williams said...

Hey Andy -

It's your cousin Nick. Sounds like the recording is going well. To echo everybody else's posts, I can't wait to hear the new stuff.

Just a head's up, to cure your in-studio boredom at some point:
I've been playing with some buddies here in Phoenix, and I want you to check out a video on our myspace page. We're called "The Schedule Conflict".

The video kinda has a "Glamour Shots" feel to it, but it's clearly better than when St. Nick & the Baby-Shakers played Nichols Park with y'all a few years back. Let me know what you think. Later