Thursday, March 15, 2007

my first post

Whats up people.

Im listening to sergio lay down guitar for the song "Try to Define" right now. 99% of you probably have not heard it yet, but i think itll be a new fan favorite. Im also trying to learn a thing or two by watching a documentary on how Nirvana's Nevermind was created.

I'm going to go lay down my guitar tracks for the song pretty soon. itll be number 6. i think asa starts doing some singing tomorrow.

This is easily the best recording TJV has ever put together and im positive you will all agree. If anyone wants us to come play by them to support this new release, let us know cuz we currently have no shows or tours.

I hope you're digging the acoustic version of Everyone. There just might be a new acoustic track on this record that nobodys heard before. You'll love it.



Luke said...

Come to Gainesville, Florida.

Pronto. A-SAP

Cody said...

Connecticut or New York please!

Anonymous said...

Orlando, Florida.

possibly at The Social for a venue.


holycrapitsmatt said...

If it turns out better than Wide Eyed, then you guys will be solidified as one of my favorite bands of all time. Seriously.

Anonymous said...


lisa said...

please come to michigan? i love you guys.

Anonymous said...

please come to Los Angeles or pomona california! preferably the glass house in pomona.

Anonymous said... ...(this is my friend alex's booking myspace..)
book a bloomington show !! we miss you guys <333

Anonymous said...

come to cincinnati

Graham said...

Come to Grand Rapids, Michigan dammit!

Koooooooorey said...

Please don't come wherever I am. I hate you douchenizzles.

Anonymous said...

bloomingtonnnnn <3.
we miss you.

Anonymous said...

you guys should come to peoria, illinois!!!!

Wil said...

I love you, The Junior Varsity, I really do.

& The record release should be at Chain Reaction in Anaheim. Or House of Blues Anaheim.
I guarentee you it will sell out.
Then, afterwards, you can blow all the money you make on tickets to Disneyland!

Anonymous said...

come to AZ!

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