Thursday, March 15, 2007

stuuuuuuupid blog. Ok so this is my second post coming at no particular time. My posts keep getting screwed up. So they've been saved for now! So yeah!

Today was a lovely day. I woke up at about 3:30 pm. Sat down and had some breakfast. Then stepped outside to find Chris!

And Sergio too!!

They're outside taking in the beautiful afternoonish air. So I thought I'd step outside and do the same...

i took a picture of andy but I'm terrible at taking pictures so it didn't turn out. Sorry bud.

Then I stood around for a while and Mike came out and made fun of me... like this..

booooooooy the studio sure takes it out of me. Now I'm sitting around watching cops with sergio while nick and Andy work out some keyboard stuff. Sergio is enjoying some tea at the moment. Oh sergio. anyway I'll be back!


Wil said...

Now I want tea.

Litzy said...

wow that made me laugh really hard lol