Friday, March 30, 2007

Holy Shit....

The record is done!

As of 8:15 Saturday evening Cinematographic has been completed!!!!

We are so fucking pumped about this album - none of you have any idea what to expect, seriously. June 26th(3 days before my birthday) the record will hit stores nationally.

Mark your calendars - this is when things will change in the world of TJV.

nick d


Cody said...

Heaven on the 26th<3 pre-orderin' that love when it hits.

I can't wait. You guys are always worth the wait.

Litzy said...

wow, i'm so excited!


owens said...

thats my b day

Lisette said...

you all have no idea how excited I am for this album

kailen said...

im in love with yall.
i sent an email to i think who is your manager (probably not) i want yall to sing at my sweet 16 birthday in Memphis (yall never come down here!!) i will pay anything and any amount of money if i get to see you guys!! please write back or something!!
P.S. my email is
i would be THRILLED if you guys emailed me back
P.S.S yall are freakin hott
with love

Kris said...

If i had to choose between world peace or kicking Asa's ass, then i would probably kick Asa's ass.